How to unprotect excel sheet and workbook, the second is the easiest

Office Excel is an indispensable software in the life or work of ordinary people. If you forget the password of your xls form, then I will teach you how to unprotect excel sheet

Crack password

This can be unprotect excel sheetstrating if you need to access important password-protected files and you don't have the password. In this case, you may need to remove or crack the password to access the file. There are two main methods: tool cracking and online cracking.

1 Crack Tool

One way to remove or unprotect excel passwords is to use software tools designed specifically for this purpose. These tools can be downloaded and installed on your computer, usually you need to buy expensive software for this, and it is unknown whether it can be cracked successfully after purchase.

One of the biggest advantages of tool cracking is the high degree of customization, if you are a senior computer expert. Then these tools believe that these tools can help you to a large extent. If you are a person who does not understand technology, it is recommended that you skip the path of buying cracking tools, because you not only need to spend expensive purchases, but also prepare passwords. Dictionaries, powerful computer servers, computer masks, and some complex mathematical calculations can only be used with professional knowledge about probability theory, and the chances of ordinary people successfully cracking xls are very low.

What's more, tool cracking also has its obvious disadvantages. First, some of these tools may contain malware or viruses that could harm your computer. Also, they may not work on all versions of Excel, or may not even be able to break simpler or even simpler passwords. Finally, using these tools may be illegal in some countries or jurisdictions.

Excel Password Remover Tool:

2 Online Cracking (recommended):

Another way to crack Excel passwords is through online services. These sites offer password cracking services, usually for a fee. You simply upload the Excel file to the website and the service tries to crack the password for you.

One of the advantages of online cracking is that it does not need to install any software, which makes it possible to crack xlsx file passwords without purchasing expensive software, and there are almost no requirements for users, only need to upload the encrypted source file or feature file to complete File password recovery tasks. Additionally, online services often offer a wider range of options, including the ability to crack more complex passwords and even recover lost passwords.

Online Excel Password Removal Services:

Catpasswd (supports free, high success rate,recommended)

Онлайн взломать хэш (no free model, high cost, low success rate)

However, traditional online cracking also has some disadvantages. Because you are actually uploading sensitive information to a third party website. However, Catpasswd has solved this problem that has plagued users for a long time. Catpasswd supports extracting hash features from source files, and then uploading the hash features to complete password recovery, which fundamentally eliminates the risk of source file leakage, which is very important.

in conclusion:

All in all, tool cracking and online cracking methods have their own advantages and disadvantages in removing or cracking Excel passwords. Ultimately, the method you choose will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you are a senior computer expert, tool cracking may be your better choice. However, if you are not computer savvy and the ability to crack more complex passwords, online cracking might be just for you. Especially recommend Catpasswd, simple and convenient, beautiful interface and easy to use.

As an expert in Internet security for over a decade, I can understand the importance of protecting your sensitive information in today's digital age. Password protection is an important aspect of data security, and it's important to use strong and complex passwords and keep them secure.

In addition to considering the method you choose to unprotect excel sheet, it's also important to keep your file passwords in mind. In conclusion, while removing or unlock Excel passwords may seem like a daunting task, there are various methods that can help you gain access to sensitive information. By weighing the pros and cons of each method and taking the appropriate steps to protect your digital security, you can ensure your information is safe and secure.

Finally, I wish you to retrieve the lost file password as soon as possible. If you think I can help you, you can forward the article to your social network