How to Unlock Rar Password

Rar is a common compression software format, The rar format can greatly reduce the file size and also set a password for the file。 But what should I do if I forget the rar password? I will teach you how to unprotect rar file password

online unlock rar

Method 1.Online unlock rar password

step 1.Open the Online Recovery Platform "Catpasswd" and go to the recovery page

step 2.Type the information

  • Select the rar file you want to unlock the password
  • Enter your email so that you can be notified in time when there is a result

step 3.Click the "Start Recovery" button and wait for the file upload to complete, the platform will be automatic recover

Method 2.Offline unlock rar password(Linux OS)

step 1.clone the cracker tool source from

step 2.Install cracker tool software dependencies

step the cracker toolcd john/src

step 4.Test your build

step 5.Extract rar password hash features

step 6.Use john to crack rar password hash features

  • cd john/run
  • ./john --format=rar-opencl rarpass.hash


  • The success rate of using john the ripper is very low, because you don't have an efficient password dictionary
  • Recommended use online service to unlock the rar Catpasswd online, which is fast and has a high success rate


Either way cannot guarantee 100% unlock the rar password, so try to save the rar file password as much as possible to avoid losses