How to crack excel password, 2 Best Practices

As a popular office software, Office allows users to create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on the computer without printing and mailing paper documents. In addition, users can encrypt important documents to ensure that only authorized personnel can access the contents of the documents. If you forgot your password and want to know how to crack Excel password, just follow the solutions given below. Quickly remove excel password

At present, there are no public vulnerabilities in office excel, so we can only try to compare as many passwords as possible to find the excel correct password, which is called brute force cracking. But there are two ways in brute force cracking, offline brute force cracking, online brute force cracking

offline crack excel

1.Offline Brute Force Cracking

Offline brute force cracking is generally difficult for us ordinary people, because complex data calculations and professional computer knowledge are required to operate cracking software. If you plan to use brute force cracking, you need to prepare the following materials. I do not recommend this way to retrieve password

  1. Computer: A high-performance computer runs a password-cracking program.
  2. Password Cracking Programs: Cracking programs are expensive to purchase.
  3. Dictionary files: common passwords, complex passwords, files up to dozens of GB
  4. Time: Brute-forcing passwords takes a long time, days or even months

The most important thing is that you have paid so much for the final result, but there is a high probability that you will not succeed, so I do not recommend you to use this method to retrieve your forgotten password.

Some offline excel cracking software:

online crack excel password

2.Online Brute Force Cracking

Cracking file passwords online can save users from spending a lot of time and energy trying to crack excel passwords by themselves. Professional online file password retrieval services usually have efficient and accurate password cracking technology, which can quickly unprotect excel file passwords and ensure the reliability and security of passwords. And recovering excel file passwords online is often an affordable option. This is why I recommend you to use the online Office Excel password unlock.

The only thing to note is that if your files are very important and cannot be sent to the Internet, then you must use the catpasswd online service, because currently only Catpasswd supports Office feature extraction, and you only need to upload the feature to complete the password recovery, which is fundamental Solved the problem of file privacy leakage.

Some online excel cracking platform:

If you can read this article, I believe that there is a high probability that you can retrieve your excel password. If you are lucky enough to help you, I hope you can share this article on your social network to help more people. Next, I will tell you Tips to avoid forgetting your password.

  • Don't change your password too often: If you change your encrypted e password frequently, then you may forget the latest password. Choose a strong password if possible, and change it if necessary.and provide them for you wheen you need them.
  • Use an easy-to-remember password: If you decide not to use a password manager, choose a password that is easy to remember but still strong enough. For example, use phrases or sentences that contain numbers, letters, and symbols instead of simple words or numbers.
  • Don't change your password too often: If you change your encrypted excel password frequently, then you may forget the latest password. Choose a strong password if possible, and change it if necessary.
  • Record passwords in a safe place: If you decide to record your passwords, store them in a safe place, such as a password manager or an encrypted note-taking app.

Obviously, if the file password is not lost, it is the best way. I hope everyone remembers your excel password to avoid money or data loss. Thank you for reading