How to crack Power Point password quickly and safely?

Here I will introduce you to several current international mainstream cracking methods. Make an objective and fair evaluation on the success rate, cost and ease of use, so that users who are first exposed to cracked files can understand, and choose the most suitable cracking method. Modes can currently be divided into two categories, one is software cracking, and the other is online cloud cracking.

1.AOPR (Advanced Office Password Recovery)


Advanced Office Password Recovery is a professional-level Power Point password cracking tool. Its professional performance is reflected in the use of different cracking methods for different Power Point passwords. It has strong pertinence and good cracking effect. But the shortcomings are also very obvious, the important thing is the price of 399 yuan to buy the software, and after the purchase requires a powerful personal computer to run the crack program for a long time, and also requires the user to organize a large number of password dictionaries, which is obviously fatal for ordinary users of.

2.Catpasswd (


Catpasswd is an internationally well-known online encrypted file recovery platform. It also adds the APS (Advanced Password Search Technology) function on the basis of traditional cracking software functions, making the success rate of cracking improved compared to traditional software cracking. A qualitative leap, the user only needs to select the file, enter the mailbox and click submit. After success, the user will be sent an email notification to let the user retrieve the successful password. This simple design greatly reduces the user's precious time In terms of success rate and cost, traditional cracking software is unmatched.

There is also an important function. Sometimes, if the user ’s files are very private, the help page has a feature code extraction tool that can extract the feature code from the source encrypted file, and then upload the feature code to crack, to maximize the privacy of the source file. , Can be said to be safe and fast.

to sum up

The result is obvious. The Catpasswd is our most advanced encrypted file cracking system. The success rate, security, and price are unparalleled. The era is progressing with the development of science and technology, and traditional software cracking baptisms over time As the password strength increases, the success rate of traditional software cracking gradually declines. Cloud online cracking has become the darling of the new era. With the help of artificial intelligence, the success rate of password recovery can be improved to a greater extent. I wish you all to find your forgotten password as soon as possible.